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Stitched materials in varying patterns and shapes

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Workshop, Happy Mondays

Reduce stress and calm the mind through sewing.

***For Loughborough University students only***

This event has sold out.

In this workshop you will explore fabric manipulation, applique, pleating, gathering and stitching, through the investigation of fabrics.  You will experiment and explore material processes and properties, creating experimental outcomes; using traditional and non-conventional textiles materials, to explore shape, scale and colour. 

The purpose of the workshop is to explore the sensory potential of stitch, and its benefits to well-being. Sewing is being recognised as a way to improve depression, with focus on stitches becoming a way to calm the mind and reduce stress; this session will explore the way that stitch allows a steady focus and is becoming an effective way to manage anxiety, depression, steady heart rate and reduce social isolation (as noted by textile researcher Clare Hunter).  

Throughout the workshop you will explore: 

  • Mark-making 
  • Basic stitch techniques - running stitch, backstitch, seed stitch, whip stitch and couching. 
  • Colour consideration 
  • Cutting techniques 
  • Applique 
  • Shape making 
  • Gathering 
  • 3D-techniques 

No experience necessary.

This event is part of Happy Mondays – your weekly creative fix in partnership with LSU. Happy Mondays events are for Loughborough University students only .

About the workshop leader - Augusta Philippou

‘’I trained in Multi-Media textiles at Loughborough University, specialising in print with embroidery. Following this I spent time working as a knitted accessories designer for a fashion supplier for a few years. In 2017 I decided to undertake an MA, where I focused on using textiles as a trigger for reminiscence and emotional memory. I ran workshops for people living with Dementia, to examine the effect textiles processes could have, which I translated into visual textiles samples that embodied my research. Currently I am completing a PhD at Loughborough University, as well as working as a freelance embroidery designer for Alexander McQueen, a Visiting University tutor and a print tutor at Leicester Print Workshop.

My personal research (I am in the second year of my PhD) explores the benefits of textiles processes in people living with Dementia, aiming to use workshops and textiles processes to target modifiable risk factors such as depression and social isolation.  I aim to explore cognition and well-being, as well exploring the way that engagement with textiles process and materials can encourage narrative and reminiscence through emotional engagement with textiles.‘’


This workshop will take place in one of the upstairs meeting rooms in the Students' Union. There is lift access to the first floor and there are accessible toilets on the ground and first floors in the Union.

If you have any specific access requirements or anything you would like us to be aware of when running the event, please let us know via the booking form or email luarts@lboro.ac.uk in advance of booking and we will do our best to accommodate them.


Photography and/or filming may be taking place at this event. If you do not consent to your photo being taken/being filmed and used for publicity purposes, then please alert the photographer/videographer on the day.

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