Risk, A.I. & Belonging: Libby Heaney in conversation with Simone Natale

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David Bell
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A livestreamed episode of Disasters Deconstructed exploring the social impacts of AI.

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence has staged a subtle revolution of ordinary life. Radar has teamed up with the Disasters Deconstructed podcast (co-hosted by Loughborough University's own Ksenia Chmutina), to put together this special livestreamed episode featuring the artist and quantum physicist Libby Heaney in conversation with the media theorist Simone Natale. They'll discuss the risks AI is supposed to mitigate; the risks of AI itself; and whether AI might be used in the formation of new forms of belonging, rather than in the service of division.

The conversation will revolve around The Whole Earth Chanting, Heaney's Radar commissioned A.I./musical performance work, produced in collaboration with the musician Nabihah Iqbal; and Natale's 2021 book Deceitful Media: Artificial Intelligence and Social Life after the Turing Test. Extracts from The Whole Earth Chanting will be played.

For further information on The Whole Earth Chanting and Deceitful Media please go to the Radar website

Simone Natale is Associate Professor in media theory and history at the University of Turin, Italy; Principal Investigator of the AHRC-funded Circuits of Practice project at Loughborough University, UK; and Assistant Editor of Media, Culture and Society.

Libby Heaney is an artist with a PhD in quantum physics, who makes conceptual artworks with emerging technologies like machine learning and quantum computers.

Disasters Deconstructed is a podcast hosted by Ksenia Chmutina and Jason von Meding. It focuses on human society from diverse disciplinary and ideological perspectives to understand the root causes of disasters.

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The event will be livestreamed through Disasters Deconstructed's Facebook and YouTube channels, and the YouTube stream will be embedded on the Radar event page. Each of these provides A.I. generated captions. The recording will remain available on the Radar website afterwards.


Photo credit: Detail from Libby Heaney's artwork for The Whole Earth Chanting bandcamp preview.

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