Outside the Lines (festival)

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  • Various venues on campus and in Loughborough town centre
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  • Open to all
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Outside the Lines logo with a yellow circle on a white background. The circle looks as though it has been painted with uneven edges. In the centre of this are overlapping outlines of a generic head in side profile, some facing to the left, some to the right, outlined in either blue or red. 'Outside the Lines' and 'Loughborough University Literary Festival' is in black text.

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Discussion, Performance, Lecture, Talk, Workshop

Student-led literary festival organised by Loughborough University MA students.

Outside the Lines hopes to embrace diversity within the Loughborough community. It aims to celebrate eccentricity and non-conformity in a climate that opts to push diversity to the sidelines. Being the second annual literary festival of its kind at Loughborough, the event aims to bring awareness to those of us living just beyond the margins through the pursuit of creative writing.

Some of the festival's exciting events involve working in schools to educate children on the importance of creativity, celebrating unique voices in our diverse community and creating a safe and nurturing space to discuss, embrace and encourage all forms of literature.

This festival is free and has events for all ages. Join us for several days of creative writing workshops, screenings, readings, and many more immersive experiences!

Festival highlights include: 

  • A food writing event with Great British Bake Off winner Rahul Mandal
  • An online performance from media artist Freya Hattenberger
  • An online interview with sports writer and activist Sue Anstiss
  • A poetry performance from Amy Tolleyfield
  • A reading by children's author Judy Brulo
  • An interview with Nadia Mikail (The Cats We Meet Along the Way)
  • An open mic literary night in the Students' Union 
  • Pub literature quiz

Visit the festival website for the full programme of events.

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