Make and Accept: Mindfulness 3D workshop

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LU Arts
01509 222948

In this online live stream workshop, rather than drawing a 2-dimensional object representing feelings through line, we will focus on making something.

The idea of this exercise is to create and separate the feelings you are currently having, and embrace positive ones.

The workshop will be led by artist Loughborough Fine Art graduate Grace Stones, who was selected as an Artists Benevolent Fund Step Change Fellow at Loughborough University for 2019-2020.

The workshop will be streamed on Facebook live from the LU Arts page, no need to book, just log in and enjoy!

To take part in this workshop you will need the following materials: a pair of scissors/craft knife, mark making tools (felt-tips, crayons, pencils, biros, paint etc), sellotape/glue and card.

We would love to see your designs, share them on social media using the hashtag #makeandaccept

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