Letters to Emma

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Max of 6 tickets per person. Seating Plan is seats of 6 to comply with social distancing.

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Loughborough University final-year Drama students perform an adaptation of Dr Carolyn Scott-Jeffs' psychological drama.

Emma is a final year student researching the work and life of 17th century poet Anna Seward as the subject of her dissertation. Her boyfriend has left her due to her own doings, parents are a nightmare, her nan is living her best life in comparison to her and to top it off she seems to have friends but never actually sees them. Swallowed by cyberspace Emma grows detached from reality in an attempt to hold on. Both Anna and Emma's lives are followed throughout while the audience grapple with concepts of time and history as these parallel lives unfold.

Please note that the play is suitable for 16+. Please be aware there is reference to suicide, self-harm, hateful language and abuse, transphobia, and cyber-bullying.

You can find out more or get in touch with the production team via their Instagram page.

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