Eccleston Sculpture Commission for Claudia Parsons Hall

We're inviting proposals from students for a new sculptural work for our East Midlands campus.

Thanks to the generosity of donors Barry and Valerie Eccleston, we are delighted to invite proposals for a sculptural work to be sited at the Claudia Parsons Hall of Residence.

The work could have a functional role, whether that be some form of structure/shelter, seating or way marking. Alternatively, it could be purely sculptural adding visual stimulus to the location and providing a symbol for the hall.

There are two proposed locations for the sculpture: the main entrance to the Hall or the courtyard. Site photos are included in the full brief which you can downloaded from further down this page.

This opportunity is open to all current Loughborough University students (including PGT and PGR and Loughborough London students). Loughborough graduates from 2021 who are still affiliated to the University in some way can also apply as long as their other team members include current students. We are looking for applications from teams of students rather than individuals. A team can be made up of 2-6 students. As Claudia Parsons was the first hall to be named after a woman, we would like each team to include at least one female student.

We want this commission to encourage conversations and collaboration between students from different subject areas. Therefore, a team should include students from a minimum of two different subject areas. We think this competition will appeal to art, design, architect and engineering students in particular, but it is open to anyone, no matter what you are studying. 

How do I find a team?

We know it might be hard to find other students who would like to get involved, especially those from another subject area, so we'd like to help with this. If you are interested in joining a team then please email Nick Slater ( with your name, the course you are studying and a short paragraph about yourself e.g. skills, interests, experience. We will create an email list so that all interested students can contact one another and use this email list to find out more about each other and identify students you might like to work with. Please note that by contacting us in this way you will be consenting to LU Arts passing on your details to other interested students. If you have already formed a team but you're short of one or two students with particular skills then please get in touch and we'll try and help you find someone.

You do not need to register your team with us before you submit your proposal but we would encourage you to make contact with us so we can help you - see below. 

What support is available? 

We appreciate that there is a lot involved in entering this competition - which is why the fee is much larger than our usual competitions. We want to help teams in any way that we can. You can contact us with questions at any time either by email, by arranging to come into our office in Martin Hall or online via Teams. We are also happy to have a look at your initial proposal before you submit it to give you some feedback.

Budget and fee

There is a production budget of £8,000

The winning team will receive a fee of £2,000


Deadline for applications: Friday 14 January 2022

We aim to install the finished work by the start of the academic year 2022/23.


We want this opportunity to be accessible to all students. If you would like to discuss any accessibility issues in advance of applying or need further support, then please email or call 01509 222948.

Please read the brief in full, which can be downloaded below, as this contains important information.