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Many alumni have experience working with or employing fellow Loughborough students and graduates. Here, members of the Loughborough family talk about what makes our graduates so special, their experiences working together, recruitment, and the funding opportunities available in the UK in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr Luke Stott

Communications Specialist: Midlands Engine

BA English 2008, MA English 2010, and PhD English 2016

Dr Luke Stott is a member of the University’s Alumni Advisory Board and is passionate about helping Loughborough graduates into work.

As a Communications Specialist, Luke has worked in the public and private sectors, including within economic development, and has recently taken on a new role at Midlands Engine. He is also a member of the Government Communications Service Steering Group for the Midlands and advises organisations on their digital platforms.

With knowledge of funding opportunities available to businesses in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, here Luke shares insight into the benefits of hiring Loughborough graduates and kickstarter funding available in the UK.

What would you say to fellow alumni who are looking to share vacancies with Loughborough?

As we enter the most challenging job market for graduates in a century, those of us in a position to hire new talent should consider our fellow alumni. 

Those who have graduated into the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic may be less fortunate by fate, but are no less talented than any generation and have valuable skills to offer business. 

Our graduates are capable of thriving in the environment many businesses now find themselves in, one where we must adapt quickly to make the most of new opportunities, technologies, and circumstances.

What qualities do Loughborough graduates have, that are great for an organisation?

Even before the pandemic, the world of work was evolving. Technological advancements have led employers to favour candidates with advanced soft skills compared to traditional technical expertise which can now be greatly aided or in some cases replaced entirely by automation. 

These soft skills such as communication, creative and critical thinking, and social skills will be prerequisites for the business leaders of tomorrow.

Loughborough University, particularly through its humanities subjects such as English, help its students hone these skills, providing their future employers with a workforce that is motivated, adaptable, and capable with excellent potential.

What funding opportunities are available to businesses in the UK who are looking to take on new staff?

The Government's kickstarter fund exists to help businesses take on graduates and those under the age of 24, giving them meaningful work experience and allowing the business to thrive, even when the economic circumstances are less than perfect. Interested businesses should find out more information on the Kickstarter programme by visiting the gov.uk website. 

Furthermore, businesses can contact their local Growth Hub to find out more about funding opportunities available to help hire new staff or up-skill existing team members.

Amy Ward

Graduate Talent Manager, DHL Supply Chain

BSc Social Psychology 2014 and MSc Work Psychology 2020

Amy is a member of the University’s Alumni Advisory Board, and a former member of the Students’ Union Executive team. She also spent a few years working at Loughborough University London and has recently completed her master’s course.

Now, working as a Talent Manager, Amy sees candidates from many universities applying to DHL’s graduate schemes, and here she shares her insights into what graduate schemes are looking for, as well as what Loughborough candidates bring to the fore.

What would you say to fellow alumni who are looking to share vacancies with Loughborough?

By being a Loughborough graduate, you know that Loughborough grads are well rounded individuals. You know they have the academic capability thanks to the exceptional high quality teaching at Loughborough, but there’s also all of the other opportunities such as volunteering, charity work, sports and societies, which demonstrates that the candidates have the academic and technical skills, but also have the personable strengths and passion that are essential to become our future leaders and people managers.

As a Graduate Talent Manager, what kind of things are you looking for in your candidates?

We focus on strengths rather than competencies. We want to know what energises people, what people are good at and what they enjoy, and the Loughborough community enhances that type of learning.

We strongly believe that with the graduate programmes that we recruit for, we can give individuals the technical capabilities that they need to be successful in our organisation. We don’t expect them to be the full package from the start in terms of capability, competency, and technical skills.

What we do want is genuine passion, initiative, and a can-do attitude. We want people to be positive and resilient in the face of uncertainty and challenges, which is now more important than ever. We want people to be self-aware in what they can deliver and know where they need support to enable them to be their best and achieve their potential.

We know that if we work with Loughborough University, we will get high quality candidates as Loughborough graduates are always well prepared. You can tell that they’ve engaged with the careers service, they understand how the skills they have learnt at university can be translated into the working world - they’re polished, yet authentic.

At DHL we recruit from over 60 universities, yet year after year we always have a high proportion of successful candidates which are recruited from Loughborough, which I think in itself shows the quality of the students.

Khalil Rener

CEO and Founder: Rener Wellbeing

BSc Sport and Exercise Science 2015 and MSc Sport Management 2016

Khalil Rener, CEO and Founder of Rener Wellbeing recently took part in a Careers Network scheme to place Loughborough students in his organisation as summer interns.

Khalil was very pleased to work with Loughborough to bring unique talent into his organisation on a short-term basis.

What is the benefit of hiring students from Loughborough?

As a Loughborough alumnus myself, perhaps I am a bit biased, however I find Loughborough students have a drive, charisma and ambition that is hard to find in such abundance elsewhere.

It is one of the best universities in the country and being able to have Loughborough students on board at Rener Wellbeing has proven to be beneficial. I hope to keep being able to hire ex-Loughborough University students in the future.

Working with the Careers Network, I had access to pre-screened high calibre students looking for summer work, with relevant experience to the roles.

What would you say to fellow alumni who are looking to share vacancies with Loughborough?

We were really happy with picking Loughborough students for our summer internship programme at Rener Wellbeing and would encourage other Loughborough alumni to look at Loughborough graduates as potentially great candidates for their next roles.

Ifueko Erediauwa

Summer intern: Rener Wellbeing

Finance and Management student

Ifueko recently completed a short internship with Khalil at Rener Wellbeing as part of the Careers Network Talent Match programme. 

We asked current student Ifueko what it was like working for a Loughborough alumnus, and alongside a fellow student.

How was your experience as an intern at Rener Wellbeing?

My summer internship at Rener Wellbeing was nothing short of perfect. From my first contact with Khalil during my interview to my final day working with him, I was learning and improving myself and my skills continuously.

Khalil took the time out every morning to ensure that myself and Nyle Jones (who was the other intern) knew exactly what we had to do and provided the necessary support to do that effectively.

Not only did Khalil ensure that our roles went smoothly, but he would also actively care for our wellbeing and health. This in particular really set this internship apart from any others I have done.

Working alongside Nyle Jones also made the internship that much better. It was good to have a colleague who was in my same position and could relate to my thoughts and emotions at any given point in time.

Megan Dreyer

CEO and Founder: #Me

BSc International Business 2018

Megan Dreyer, CEO and Founder of Hashtag Me, recently took part in a Careers Network scheme to place Loughborough students in her business as summer interns.

Megan shares her thoughts having had first-hand experience of working with Loughborough students.

What is the benefit of hiring students from Loughborough?

Students from Loughborough are extremely driven, proactive, well-rounded and are able to use their initiative. These traits are invaluable in a start-up.

Being a start-up, our environment is dynamic and requires flexibility, thinking outside the box and being open-minded. The student interns we had with us at #Me demonstrated these traits effectively.

What would you say to fellow alumni who are looking to share vacancies with Loughborough?

Having studied at Loughborough ourselves, we know first-hand the excellent academic and sporting environment and community feel of the Loughborough family and can appreciate what students have to offer.

Loughborough students tend to be well rounded, excelling in a wide range of areas and using their initiative to make a significantly positive impact in whatever it is they’re doing. Having had two Loughborough interns myself, I can vouch for their ambition, enthusiasm, and can-do attitude, and would highly recommend other Loughborough alumni to consider Loughborough graduates for vacancies.

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