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Wilfred Chan

Mahjong Tribe Member

Wilfred achieved his Civil Engineering Diploma from Loughborough in 1957. Since his retirement in 2004, Wilfred thoroughly enjoys playing Majhong and believes it is the secret to increasing your life span.

Why did you choose to study Civil Engineering at Loughborough?

I and my cousins followed Dr. CHAN Nai Keong, CBE, JP, FREng, D.Tech (Hon), FICE, FIStructE, FHKIE to Loughborough to study civil engineering in the 1950's. Dr. Chan was in the same school as I was. He was very bright. He graduated with First Class Honours in 1952. He returned to Hong Kong to work for the Government. He rose to become the first Chinese "Secretary for Lands and Works" in the Hong Kong Government in charge of thousands of engineers, architects and surveyors. He was the king for all land matters and for all the engineering works in the whole of Hong Kong - a huge huge job !

What was Loughborough like during the 1950’s when you were a student?

When I landed at Loughborough in 1953, there was till the tailend of rationing. Loughborough was a small market town. So small that there was not even a Chinese restaurant! The Schofield Building was the only large concrete and steel lecture building. Everything was so basic. 

How would you describe your experiences at Loughborough?

Loughborough was such a very quiet place that it offered a first class environment to study. For anyone who enjoyed sports as a pastime, Loughborough offered facilities second to none. But the most memorable experience I will treasure all my life is meeting Richard Evans who was in my class.

When my son and daughter went to public schools in England, they automatically went to the Evans home for all their school holidays. When they went on to study at the University of London and University of Cambridge, they also went to the Evans home for all their university holidays. Richard is one of the reasons why I am such a die-hard Anglophile. I owe Richard and his wife Freda a debt I can never repay fully. 

Can you tell us about your career journey?

I spent the bulk of my career with Shell and Esso, the two large oil companies in the engineering field before branching out to marketing and management. Then in 1986, I set up my own Wilfred Chan Management Company Ltd and ran it for 28 years till I took retirement in 2004. 

What was the proudest moment of your career?

The proudest moment of my career was when I set up my own management company and be my own boss. This gives me the chance to share my own management experience with the younger generations by running managment seminars for the large corporations and for the Hong Kong Government. This is another sure way for me to publicizie the name of my Alma Mater as the audience always want to know the education background of the Speaker.

What can you tell us about the game Majhong?

Mahjong has been played in China for centuries. It is a game of chances and if one is good in mathematics, one has an advantage.

It requires four people to play. It is an absorbing game. The population in Hong Kong have the longest life span for both men and women in the world. The good health of the Hong Kong people is attributable to playing Mahjong regularly and to their diet of seafood and vegetable. I have been playing this game for years regularly. I love it.

Can you tell us more about your Win Win MJ Tribe and the marathon you recently took part in, on Sunday 25 November 2018?

In 2012, I set up the Win Win MJ Tribe for the purpose of playing the time honoured Chinese national game of Mahjong. I had two main purpose in mind - to promote fellowship and to promote the game of Mahjong. I started this Tribe with only a dozen or so friends. It has since grown to comprise 43 like-minded people from all walks of life.

We now have a Government Minister, a former Government Minister, a Governmenr Department Head, engineers, lawyers, accountants, dentists, corporations heads and business executives amongst us. We play Mahjong every week. Our games are not gambling games. All the winning will be put on the table to pay for the lunch, wine, dinner, high tea and hiring of a room in a restaurant or club. If there is still any money left after paying all the expenses, this will be distributed to the four players in equal share. So everyone leaves as a winner ! This is why it is called the Win Win MJ.

Every year, we hold two Marathons. All the tribesmen will play together in a friendly competition with many prizes. We do this bi-annually - every 6 months. Our gatherings are to promote fellowship and give the tribesmen fun and camaraderie. Our last Marathon was held on Sunday 25 Novemeber 2018 in the Royal Garden Hotel. We will be holding our next Marathin in May 2019.

What do you enjoy the most about Majhong?

The most enjoyble thing about the Mahjong game is the excitement of having an unbeatable hand. We all also enjoy the chit chats and the gossips and the excellent cuisine and fine wine in the various venues we play.

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