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Jessica Staniford

Clinical Psychologist: Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

Jessica graduated with a degree in Psychology in 2013. Since then, Jessica has gone on to become a Clinical Psychologist for the NHS. Here she tells us a bit about her work and time at Loughborough.

What made you want to work in Clinical Psychology?

I knew that I wanted to be a Clinical Psychologist when I researched future careers during my A Levels. I had an interest in how people think and behave and was keen to do a job where I felt like I was helping others. 

How has your time at Loughborough University helped you to progress in your career?

During my undergraduate degree I learnt how to juggle multiple tasks and meet deadlines, which is vital in my current role.

One module in particular has drastically shaped my view on Clinical Psychology to this day. The module got me to think critically about medicalising people’s distress, the importance of making sense of what has happened to them and how this shapes their current experiences.


Did you go on a placement year during your studies?

I had the opportunity to go on placement at St Andrews Healthcare on a low secure ward for women diagnosed with personality disorders. This was invaluable and confirmed my ambition to become a Clinical Psychologist.

My placement was my first experience in a mental health setting and enabled me to get enough experience to secure an Assistant Psychologist post straight after university at the same hospital.

Can you tell us a bit about your current role?

My current role involves offering psychological assessment and therapy to adults who are struggling with mental health problems, such as low mood, anxiety, and hearing voices.

I offer Cognitive Behaviour Therapy via individual sessions or in groups. My role also involves providing support to colleagues - mental health nurses, social workers and occupational therapists - who may feel stuck in their work with a client, helping them to develop a psychological understanding of someone’s difficulties and how to support them.

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