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Jessica Loveless

Enterprise Architecture Modeller: Rolls Royce

Jess graduated with a degree in Information Technology Management for Business in 2012. Since then, Jess has embarked on a career at Rolls Royce, where she works in her current role as an Enterprise Architecture Modeller.

Why did you choose to study Information Technology Management for Business at Loughborough University?

First, I really liked the campus at Loughborough – a lot of green spaces but close to a town too. IT Management for business, for me, had the right balance of technical computer science vs management and 'real world’ work.

How has Loughborough University inspired you and helped you to progress in your career?

Loughborough really helped me to develop a self-sufficient attitude – if you don’t know it, find out, and if you can’t find out – ask! The team projects as well as the year in industry really helped to prepare me for the world of work too.

Would there be one piece of advice that you would give to current or prospective students looking to study the same course that you did?

Really get stuck in – there’s so much to learn, both about the course content and yourself. As I said, the team projects element really helps to prepare for the world of work. Don’t give up on writing code or the really technical stuff either – it’ll be useful one day!

I'd also suggest getting involved in as much as you can, doing what's best for you, and most of all make sure you have fun doing whatever you're doing!

Can you tell us about your career journey so far?

After a year at Alstom in my placement year I realised that I really enjoyed working in a large engineering company and getting things done! I joined Rolls-Royce as a project management graduate in 2012, and moved around Rolls-Royce’s business units (Supply chain, Submarines and Civil Aero Operations). This was great experience and taught me a lot about Rolls-Royce.

After that, I moved into IT into the Project Management Office where I was able to use more of the technical IT skills that I learnt at Loughborough, as well as become a certified Lean Sigma Green Belt. Roll forward a few years, and having spent a year really close to the IT investment portfolio – managing the data structuring and reports – I’m now working in the Enterprise Architecture function working to model how our business processes map right down to individual applications and servers.

Can you tell us more about your role at Rolls-Royce and what your job involves on a day-to-day basis?

My role involves interfacing with Rolls-Royce’s Enterprise Architects in IT, as well as those working in the business with our major business processes. My job is to ensure that the data we’re recording to map our architecture is complete and robust, spot trends and dependencies that might’ve been missed and report on our architecture landscape.

What do you love the most about your job?

I love being able to see the whole picture – it’s fascinating to see the hundreds of (often forgotten about!) moving parts that help Rolls-Royce to deliver our products.

What has been the proudest moment of your career so far?

I designed, built and implemented our IT Portfolio data structure (including investment and strategy data right down to project reports) – something that hadn’t been done before as a whole. This meant we were able to capture and process all the data we needed in order to prioritise our investments much more effectively than ever before, as well as set up and run repeatable and accurate reports at short notice gaining praise from our new CIO.

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