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Alan Ka-Shing Cheung

Composer, Producer and Music Director

Alan studied for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at Loughborough University, leaving in 2000. Moving away from his background of Economics and Management, Alan became a full-time composer in 2011, and has achieved numerous number ones in Hong Kong. Here Alan shares some of his highlights of studying at Loughborough and becoming a top composer and producer.

Why did you choose to study Business, Economics and Finance at Loughborough University?

There were great resources available on a lovely campus and there was high teaching quality.

When did you decide to take on a Master’s course at Loughborough in Banking and Finance and how did this add to your experience?

I decided to continue with my Master’s Degree during my third year of the Bachelor’s Degree at Loughborough University. The Master’s course was challenging and motivating yet provided lots of freedom for self-learning and exploration.

How has Loughborough University inspired you and helped you to progress in your career?

The University provided both excellent learning and living experiences. The campus, the staff and the students from all over the world allowed me to enjoy a very balanced and vibrant school life; and at the same time provided a great atmosphere for exploring new possibilities.

Did you take part in any extracurricular activities during your studies? If so, what impact did these have on your experience?

I undertook the music scholarship scheme in piano performance (as a hobby) at the Music Department for four years and I always went to the concert hall for practice. I also started writing music during my free time, which eventually became my career as a composer, producer and music director.

I created my first website which was hosted by the University in 1996 (free of charge!), and shared my compositions online back then. It was how my first music client found me, via the Internet.

I created my first music sampling software (with the use of the Music Department’s Bechstein grand piano) which was sold online in 1999 - and earned some pocket money!

When did you start out as a musician and why did you move away from Economics?

I was officially a composer in 2004 with my first released music work in Hong Kong.

I had great passion and also encouragement from my music clients and friends. I worked in the management field for 10 years and only started working in music full-time since 2011.

Who are your favourite musicians to work with?

Any musicians or artists that have heart, passion, a great attitude and preparation.

I work with all kinds of music and I was also highly influenced by Brit pop music during my University life.

I feel very lucky to have achieved over 40 number one singles so far.

How does it feel to have been recognised with numerous awards for your work? Which award are you most proud of?

I feel very lucky that my music is recognised by the public. I’m most proud of the award of “Composer of Highest No. of New Works Performed”, because it meant I worked very hard! I also feel very lucky to have received the Best Producer award. Super lucky!

What can we expect from you in the future?

Even better music and even more varieties. And I aim to go international.

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