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Adam Allcock

Mechanical Engineering graduate

Adam Allcock graduated in 2014, with a first class degree in Mechanical Engineering. Adam will move to the USA this year to join a programme at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. At the age of just 24, Adam will be one of the youngest in a class of 400 students.

What have you been doing since you graduated from Loughborough?

Since graduating from Loughborough I’ve continued my consulting work in the Bitcoin/Blockchain industry by working with both large and small processor and hardware manufacturing companies based out of China, the USA, the Middle East and across Europe. One of the small teams I was working with recently sold their company to a multibillion- dollar technology company for close to $500m and I am extremely proud of their success.

Additionally, I’ve brokered transactions and sales exceeding $1.4m of products to consumers and businesses and have also been appointed a Fellow of both the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs and the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Can you give us a brief overview of your career path and how you have earned your place at Stanford?

Since the age of thirteen I’ve been thinking up business ideas and throughout school, GCSEs and A-levels I ran my own successful computer business. I’m passionate about technology and consulting and so chose Mechanical Engineering at Loughborough because it was a course that pushes you to get exposure to lots of different topics in a short space of time - giving you a broad viewpoint from which to work.

Engineering also taught us how to think and break down problems in a way I don’t think many other courses do. Throughout my degree we were given a problem that had to be solved and without help had to complete the numerous steps required in order to deliver a suitable solution over and over again until it became second nature.

Nearly all of my professional jobs, including my time at Google, have been technical or management consulting roles. I consider myself a specialist-generalist in that I can very quickly acquire information to a high level, meaning that I can interact with companies and their talent in a previously unknown industry. This versatility and experience allows me to bring value to a company because I can often approach problems from a different perspective.

I believe studying for an MBA at Stanford will be a great platform under which to continue to build these skills, and progress my consulting career, whilst being exposed to the fast paced Paolo Alto and ‘Silicon Valley’ that sits on Stanford’s doorstep. I am extremely excited to meet the rest of my class and get to work!

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to secure a place at Stanford?

I may have applied slightly differently to most business school students as I applied while still finishing my Masters at Loughborough, making me one of the youngest in the class. The same question gets asked for undergraduate admission to Stanford and even by parents with still quite young children, how can they prepare their kids to get into Stanford, but the answer remains the same.

There isn’t anything more you can do to prepare or aim to get into Stanford or any other top tier school as even the ‘best’ candidates on paper have a chance of being rejected. The admissions staff either feel that your profile complements the rest of the class or it doesn’t and so sometimes it takes applications to many schools to secure the seat that you end up taking. They’re really looking for a good fit rather than a good application.

We would like to wish Adam every success in his postgraduate studies in Stanford and look forward to hearing more from him in the future.

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