Record number of Opportunity Scholarships awarded for new academic year

Three students walking on campus. A  building is on the right of the image and a road in view behind the students.

As the new academic year gets underway at the University, our biggest-ever cohort of 54 Opportunity Scholars begin their studies with us, supported by philanthropic donations.

Opportunity Scholarships are funded by generous donations to the University to support students during their time at Loughborough.

Last year 43 Opportunity Scholarships were awarded and thanks to the support of individuals, groups of alumni, and other organisations, a further 54 have been awarded this year. Ten applications were made for every three scholarships awarded.

Scholarships are awarded according to a number of criteria, including household income, and they form part of the University’s widening participation work.

Scholars each receive £3,000 per year for three years of study.

As part of the programme, many scholars have the chance to meet with their donors and to update them on their studies and progress throughout their university life.

The scholarships have a huge impact on the student recipients.

This year, more than 58% of the new scholars are from households with an annual income of less than £10,000. Many scholars come from low socio-economic backgrounds, may have received free school meals, and some students are from areas of the country where there is low participation in higher education.

The financial support offered through our scholarship programme helps students like Euan to enjoy their university experience:

“Being rewarded the Opportunity Scholarship means a great deal to me.

“I applied due to financial issues in my family, due to the fact my father has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome alongside a heart condition, resulting in him being unable to work.

“This has meant that my mother has had to work multiple jobs over the past few years to help us get by, which I’m extremely grateful for.

“I was elated when I realised I had been granted the scholarship and I feel as though it will have an unprecedented positive effect on my university experience.”

The scholarships also relieve stress for many recipients. One scholar said:

“I was relieved to find out I had been awarded the scholarship since it will help me to have more freedom in the activities I choose to do.

“This scholarship will mean that I can be less anxious about spending money and more focused on making memories and new experiences.”

Scholarship programmes at Loughborough have supported hundreds of students. You can find out more about the impact of scholarship donations online. If you would like to find out more about giving to Loughborough, check out the website, or get in touch.