Alumni launch platform to help students find freelance opportunities

Left to right: Dami Adebayo, Adam Oyekola, Hakim Mohamed

Left to right: Dami Adebayo, Adam Oyekola, Hakim Mohamed

A trio of former Loughborough students have created a community network, HyreHub, to support students in finding freelance work.

Adam Oyekola (Accounting and Finance Management, 2020), Dami Adebayo (English with Business Studies, 2020) and former Aeronautical Engineering student Hakim Mohamed recognised the financial hardships of student life. As a result, they created a ‘hub’ for students - who may not have financial stability - to support them in finding freelance work.  

Their website works as a platform for students to advertise their work and services and gives businesses the opportunity to post any freelance work they are offering. From this, students can choose their hours and work on their own terms.  

HyreHub came because of the group's experience at university. Although all were keen students, they struggled with balancing part-time work and university. 

Adam said:  

“At the end of the day, you work around the business’s needs and wants. Even though you can opt in and out of days, you do not have full control of your time. 

When asked what challenges they faced along the way the alumni said: 

“Focusing on not only building a product but building a business was difficult and can easily be cast aside. We overcame this by working with companies such as The Common Sense Network to provide direction and enable us to identify next steps. 

“Initially building the prototype was difficult due to not knowing where to find a developer. However, we liaised with then CEO of XPO who shortlisted some app developers for us. We then paid upwards of £5,000+ of our own money from our jobs to create the first version of the app which was a big achievement.” 

HyreHub was born out of the first-hand experiences of the alumni which encouraged them to create their student-based business platform.  

You can check out more information on the HyreHub website.