Loughborough accounts for 60% of the finalists in LeicestershireLive Innovation Awards

Loughborough University linked businesses have received a record 17 nominations across seven categories in the 2022 LeicestershireLive Innovation Awards.

This figure includes 5 businesses founded by Loughborough alumni. The alumni selected as finalists, all of whom are based on LUSEP, the University’s Science and Enterprise Park, are: 

INCUS Performance (Innovation in Health and Wellbeing, Innovation in Manufacturing and Engineering) 

Wearable sports technology start-up INCUS exploits cross-cutting research in sports science, engineering, and AI to empower everyday athletes to understand their technique and performance and to tell their sports stories. Founded by alumnus Chris Ruddock (Product Design Engineering 2016), INCUS employs 20 people, including several university graduates.  

Tanzii TV (Innovation in Health and Wellbeing, Innovation in Education, University Student Innovation) 

Alumni brothers Ottavio and Dario Tanzillo (Sociology 2020) established Tanzii TV to inspire and encourage children to stay active, as well as to help boost activity levels and wellbeing by connecting with communities. To date the qualified coaches have engaged over 630,000 children and young people and are based in LU Inc., the University’s incubator on LUSEP. 

The People Deal (Innovation in Education) 

The People Deal is the organisational development consultancy behind the Fairness First Framework™, a nationally unique research-evidenced framework that provides assessment tools and learning solutions for advancing fairness in the workplace. The company was founded by alumnLouise Lennon (Business Psychology 2019) and is based in LU Inc. 

Worth-it Positive Education (Innovation in Education) 

Worth-it Positive Education partners commissioners, schools, organisations, and practitioners, helping them to apply sustainable approaches to improving mental health in children and young people. This community interest company founded by Liz Robson-Kelly (Textiles Design 1999) is also based in LU Inc. 

ACT Medical (Innovation in Med Tech and Life Sciences, University Student Innovation) 

Joseph Bentley (Product Design and Technology 2021) founded ACT Medical in LU Inc. to accelerate the development of a device to reduce catastrophic blood loss from a knife wound. The device has already received significant recognition for its potential, most recently receiving the International James Dyson Medical Award. 

The LeicestershireLive Innovation Awards will be held on Thursday 24 February at the King Power Stadium in Leicester.