First meet-up for Chinese alumni in the UK

On Saturday 16 October 2021, a group of 12 alumni gathered at the Shu La La, a Sichuan restaurant in London.

Wei Looker from the University’s International Office joined the group of Chinese alumni who are living in the UK. Some of the alumni graduated recently and others are in senior positions, looking to recruit alumni for their organisations.

Alumni Advisory Board member Patrick Lee came up with the idea to hold the event that was organised by graduates Nancy Liu and Haihan Luo.

Nancy Liu said:

“This is the first event after graduation where I can meet new friends who shared the same experience as myself, being an international Loughborough Alumni staying in the UK.”

Group of Chinese alumni sitting around a table at a restaurant

John Zhao who attended the event and graduated more than 10 years ago commented:

“It is fantastic to meet so many young graduates from Loughborough, it brings back my beautiful memories at Loughborough.”

The alumni enjoyed the evening and plan to have more events in the future.

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