Belated 60-year reunion for the Million-and-One men

A black and white image showing alumni from 1960 playing darts.

Several electrical engineering alumni who graduated in 1960 held a celebratory reunion at the end of September. The event had been rescheduled from 2020 due to covid restrictions.

The friends who attended the reunion consisted of alumni Bob Bass, Dave Halstead, Dave Hoare, Clive Holtham, Tim Sheppard and Dave Wallis. They were joined by Olive, the wife of alumnus Bernard Reilly who unfortunately died a few years ago.

During the reunion the group connected, using a large screen and WhatsApp, to alumnus Mike Yerbury who lives in New South Wales, Australia. The alumni also remain in regular contact with an alumnus in Beirut.

The alumni became very well known in their final year as students, as they achieved a darts world record. Between them they managed to score 1,000,0001 in a marathon darts event which lasted 52 hours and 8 minutes. The event raised money for the Refugee World Appeal and the Mayor’s Old People’s Welfare Fund.

The graduates have had regular reunions since 1960 and are planning to have the next one in 2023.