Using chemistry to innovate in the beauty industry

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Alumnae duo Orianna Acheampong and Anthonia Ademuyiwa are Co-Founders at Iséda’s Garden. The pair offer a range of beauty treatments to people in North West London and have leveraged their scientific and research backgrounds in their approach to beauty products and treatments.

Orianna and Anthonia met at Loughborough and graduated with MChem degrees in 2018. Alongside their day jobs in technology and cosmetics respectively, they are passionate about providing an experience in skincare and beauty that uplifts people. They want to provide an improved quality of life, and a service, advice and range of products with a particular interest in supporting women with melanin-rich skin.

They launched their business, Iséda’s Garden, with the help of the Loughborough Enterprise Network. Together the alumnae have developed a home laboratory, working evenings and weekends to bring products to life using their chemistry knowledge.

As avid young consumers with chemical knowledge, the pair feel well-placed to develop and offer products and treatments that are appealing to the younger generation.

They are passionate about using resources wisely and keep sustainability at front of mind. Before ordering materials, they conceptualise and they work together to formulate in an efficient manner, only ordering what they need.

Orianna and Anthonia have their first formula ready to go to a manufacturer for testing. They’re thinking about whether the manufacturer practices sustainably and looking forward they are considering what packaging may be used for their products.

The alumnae are bringing an innovative approach to business. Anthonia has trained as an aesthetician, so not only are they using the skills and knowledge from their Chemistry degrees, but they are also actively offering treatments, talking to consumers, and getting to know more about the market.

Check out Iséda’s Garden online.