mOm Incubators: Innovating in the world of healthcare

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Founded by alumnus James Roberts following the completion of his studies at Loughborough in 2014, mOm is a MedTech start-up on a mission to accelerate access to high-quality healthcare.

During his Product Design and Technology degree, James watched a documentary on the Syrian Refugee Crisis and its impact on infant mortality. His response was to work on a concept for an incubator, winning him the 2014 James Dyson Award.

James has been working on the mOm Incubator ever-since. A long way from its original 2014 concept, mOm is now pending trial following years of research and development.

The mOm Incubator is a collapsible, cost-effective, and lightweight neonatal incubator. It offers a safe, medical-grade thermoregulated environment for newborns. With the potential to have a huge societal impact, mOm is designed to reduce deaths resulting from premature birth – many of which could be avoided with improved access to medical equipment.  

Able to operate anywhere in the world, James and his team have developed mOm to withstand incidents in hostile environments. Electronic, it has a rechargeable battery back-up, and its collapsible design means it is portable and easy to store.

As well as being recognised with the James Dyson Award, the alumnus has been inducted into the Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Hub and was named in MIT Technology Review’s Innovators Under 35 list in 2018. 

Heading up mOm, James has a core team of staff working on technology, partnerships, engineering, design, and more. A group of medical professionals are also supporting mOm as advisors. 

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