Southwest China reunion supported by Hong Kong alumnus and the International Office

A group of seven people holding a Loughborough University banner

A successful alumni gathering took place at the end of January, in ChengDu, South West China. The event was supported by Simon Foster, Deputy Director of the International Office, and alumnus Patrick Lee, President of the Hong Kong alumni group.

The inspiration to support the event originated from online discussions between Simon and Patrick, who wanted to maintain contact with alumni in China during the pandemic.

The China team from the University’s International Office, which includes Simon, as well as Lu Bai, Ci Ci Feng and Sophie Yang, all recorded video messages sharing their greetings with the Southwest China group, and these messages were played at the reunion where they were enthusiastically received.

Patrick participated in the gathering via a WeChat call giving him the opportunity to speak to the attendees.

Patrick said:

“I want to encourage all Loughborough alumni, wherever you are in the world. When you take the first step to organise alumni activities, don't worry about how many turn out. Lead with your heart and the seeds of friendship will be sown.”

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