Kickstarter launched by alumnus for 3D printer

A photo of a machine held by a person

Loughborough graduate Ian Wilding has launched a Kickstarter campaign to secure funds for his new product Plybot.

Plybot, is a low-cost 3D printer developed with a unique design and a system which allows large prints to be printed quickly and accurately.

The alumnus co-founded Plybot along with Josh Mitchell (the UK Young Engineer of the Year 2018), and Brook Drumm (Former TV co-host of All American Makers).

Ian graduated from Loughborough with a degree in P.E.& Sports Science in 1996. He lives in California, USA and in 2018, established the growing US enterprise factory, Hanger 75. Plybot is one of several ventures to come out of Hanger 75.

Find out more about the Kickstarter.