17 Dec 2020

Scientific Advisor joins alumni start-up team

Jason Cowman, Head of Athletic Development for IRFU, has joined Gscience, an esports data analytics and health start-up founded by two Loughborough alumni.

Set up in 2019 by Ryan Scollan and Jamie Kiff, Gscience is looking to tackle the physical and mental health crisis in esports using their athlete monitoring platform, Optimal. Their mission is to create healthier, happier, and more successful gamers.

The founders were part of the Loughborough Enterprise start-up scheme which helped their business in the development of their platform. To help accelerate this further, they have brought on Jason Cowman as a scientific advisor who will not only help them with the direction of Optimal, but also with building out their coaching academy to upskill practitioners in esports.

Jamie and Ryan said:

“Being early-stage, first time founders we understand how important it is to surround ourselves with the right people who have the necessary skills and experience to help us achieve our goals.

“As such, we couldn't think of anyone more suited than Jason to help us successfully build an athlete monitoring system and an ecosystem of world-class coaches.

“Jason has only been part of the team for a short period of time, but he has already provided key insights on how to move forward with Optimal and provide a truly valuable product.”

Jason commented on his motivations for joining the team and what sets them apart from the rest:

“The credibility this team brings to gaming science is stand-out. There isn't a team out there currently who could compete with the balance they have between their scientific capabilities and their expertise and experience of the industry.

“It's a team of good people, who are very together, have a really strong vision and from very early on I could see they had a sense of purpose about them. 

In addition to building their platform, Gscience is looking for Performance Coaches to join their team.

Jamie and Ryan both graduated from Loughborough with degrees in Sport and Exercise Science in 2018.

Find out more about GScience.