2 Sep 2020

Offering extra support to sports clubs during the pandemic

Alumnus Mark Covington founded SNAP Sponsorship Ltd alongside Chairman Simon Pennock in 2012, and now the pair are offering clubs free access to their platform.

Following personal experience with sports club fundraising, Mark quickly grew SNAP Sponsorship and in 2016 an online portal was launched to enable clubs to promote sponsorship opportunities online.

From grassroots to elite sports clubs, the aim is to help those who have an ambition and desire to take themselves or their sporting organisation to the next level through sponsorship.

With sport being hit hard by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, SNAP Sponsorship is looking to provide extra support for the much-loved sector.

CEO Mark said:

“Here at SNAP Sponsorship, our vision and primary objective has always been to support grassroots clubs in every way we can, encouraging clubs to become self-sufficient and less reliant on funding and donations. With clubs already facing increasing costs and a lack of resources, even before this crisis – it’s now vital that we do everything possible to keep these clubs solvent and stable during the pandemic.”

The team have spent several years researching and building an in-depth understanding of how sporting organisations can become commercially viable through a best practice approach to sponsorship. They have built a platform which offers clubs the chance to promote their opportunities and access best practice resources, whilst sponsors have the chance to support the clubs.

Now, SNAP Sponsorship are offering access to their platform for free until 30 September 2020, waiving the £9 per month fee for grassroots sports clubs.

Mark continued:

“SNAP Sponsorship wants to do everything within our power to ensure not only the durability of grassroots sport, but to grow it and strengthen it and provide clubs with a targeted approach to finding the perfect sponsorship partner.

“We’re also working with NGBs, leagues and other authorities to help them understand the needs of clubs and where they can help and support them.”

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Use code “nomonthlyfee”. Free until the 30th September, £9 per month thereafter.