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15 May 2020

New IT book released by alumnus

Paul Wilson, who graduated with a degree in Ergonomics in 1972, has just released his new book: Sorties into the IT Hurricane: Living with Information Technology for fifty years (1970-2020).

The book tells the story of the last fifty years of IT history through Paul’s eyes. He shares experiences gained at Loughborough and in working in Systems Development, Office Automation, IT outsourcing and more. Paul has worked for companies such as Kodak and the National Computing Centre.

Since his retirement in 2012, Paul has continued to investigate the innovative use of technology in the home, and continues to record his activities online.

The new book is presented as a series of one-page cameos with an associated page of images.

Paul said:

“Most people will be able to relate to at least some of these stories, since we have all been participants in the take-up of IT in recent years.

“However, some of the stories may touch on aspects unfamiliar to some; and the book as a whole may inspire a more rounded view of how we got to where we are today.”

Preview Sorties into the IT Hurricane online.

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