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16 Jun 2020

New entrepreneurial book released by alumnus

Dr Emmanuel Amadi has released his new book, Starting a Successful £1Million Business: My Story – A Step-by-Step Guide to Financial Achievement.

The book aims to guide those who are thinking about launching their own business, serving as a blueprint to help their success. The book details from the first stage of devising your business concept, to launching your business and planning exit strategies.  

Emmanuel is the Founder and President of Amadi Global (AG) Leadership Academy, part of Amadi Global LTD, a Training and Consulting firm which offers Leadership and Management Professional Development Programmes around the world.

The alumnus has personally mentored over 200 entrepreneurs, helping them to start a profitable business from scratch.

Dr Amadi said:

“I was inspired to write the book to motivate potential entrepreneurs, small business owners, senior managers, employees, and university graduates to find a wealth of value while translating their ideas into new business ventures.”

Emmanuel was born in Nigeria shortly after a civil war, and told us how he tried to work hard in school as a means of escaping the poverty he lived in:

“For me, the education I received from Loughborough University was a steppingstone that propelled me to future success in life.”

The alumnus has also sat on boards for various governing bodies and non-profit organisations as a Non-Executive Director across Greater Manchester, and gives  motivational talks across the globe.

Dr Amadi graduated with an MSc in Analytical and Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2003, before going on to complete various further degrees, including his PhD in Genetics and Nanotoxicology.

Dr Amadi’s bookis now available online.

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