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19 Oct 2020

New dried fruit company brings exotic snacks to market

Alumnus Samuel Fajemilua has co-founded Jungle Fruits, a London based snack company producing exotic dried fruits.

The range includes dried mango, pineapple, lychee, and coconut bites, available in individual packets and mixed bags. All packs are 100% natural fruit, with no added sugar or sulphates.

As well as being devoted to healthy snacks, co-founder Samuel, known as the “Jungle Chief”, is also passionate about saving the jungle. One per cent of profits from sales of Jungle Fruits go to the Rainforest Alliance charity to support saving acres of forest in the worlds’ jungles.

Jungle Fruits is a small business and only launched in March 2020, but has already partnered with companies such as Sweatcoin, Borough Box, Deli Shops and they have an upcoming partnership with The Hill Hub.

On launching the business, Samuel (pictured), who graduated from Loughborough with a degree in Chemical Engineering in 2019, said:

“My co-founder Manny and I have always loved exotic fruits because they are packed with so much flavour and nutrients. But with our busy lives, eating exotic fruits is not always the easiest option and trying to crack a coconut on the train can get a bit awkward. So we set about finding way to get our exotic fruit, capturing all its goodness, in a handy pack we can take anywhere and – voila! – Jungle Fruits was created. No messy peelings, no added sugar or sulphates, just dried jungle fruits.”

Find out more about Jungle Fruits.

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