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17 Jul 2020

London campus alumni take part in panel event

On 16 June 2020 the Institute for Diplomacy and International Governance together with the Institute for International Management hosted an event with their alumni to showcase how to achieve a career in international politics and business.

The panel was chaired by Dr Tim Oliver, Director of Studies, and Senior Lecturer for the Institute for Diplomacy and International Governance, and included four alumni from the institutes: Christina, Theresa, Oliver and Tomhas. Professor Helen Drake, Director of the Institute for Diplomacy and International Governance, and Dr. Gerhard Schynder, Director of the Institute for International Management also participated in the panel discussion.

Initially Professor Drake began the session by providing an overview of careers paths and attainable services within the university. Then, following questions from Dr Oliver, our four alumni provided enthusiastic, articulate and highly motivated responses throughout and shared their practical advice based on their own personal experiences. While each alumnus had their own individual area of focus, they all shared an attitude inculcated during their time at Loughborough University London. This included: being open to all opportunities, in depth research into particular interests, flexibility, authenticity and networking.

They all expressed a great deal of affection for Loughborough University London and their time with here.  Christina, who currently works for the United Nations in Nigeria, referred to Loughborough University London as “family”. 

Tomhas, who has been working at Chatham House, recommended that students take up the opportunities offered by the University and networking routes particularly funnelled through the Future Space team. Tomhas provided a concrete example of how he used networking and volunteering to obtain a role at Chatham House: “I went to Loughborough University London, I met Tim and through him I managed to get volunteering experience at Chatham House.”

Oliver, who works for an MP, said “I did what Loughborough taught me to do”, this in effect was to narrow down and select his focus and network. His top tip when networking is to always come away with contact details and leave your own, this was the way he obtained his current role.

Theresa, a freelance consultant, stressed the importance of being flexible and authentic. Furthermore, not only Theresa, but all of our alumni strongly recommended and undertook voluntary work. For Tomhas this led to employment, for the others it was a great way of getting valuable experience.

During this event our alumni gave detailed accounts of their experiences, recommendations, and provided our current students with the opportunity to ask their questions about the sector. These included questions covering topical issues such as how to network during the current pandemic; Theresa suggested joining webinars where possible and to continue to network online.

Another question referred to what can be quite a challenge, moving to study in London.  Again, the alumni highlighted the opportunities offered by the University and that students should take every opportunity given.

The event proved to be engaging, practical and of great use for students to see the possible breadth of options and how to access them for those considering careers in international politics and business.

Loughborough University London would like to thank each of our alumni for sharing their insights and experiences.

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