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24 Mar 2020

Author John Knights shares an insight into writing and publishing a book

Are you writing your own book whilst social distancing?  We asked alumnus John Knights about the writing and publishing process for his book ‘Leading Beyond the Ego: How to Become a Transpersonal Leader’ to get some insider knowledge and top tips.

The book describes the structured journey a leader should take to excel in our fast-changing world, where both society and technology are making very different demands.

John says: “Specifically, it is about how to accelerate our development both as a human being and a leader through proactively rewiring our own brains. It is about raising our awareness, learning to manage our emotions effectively and using different leadership styles in different circumstances”.

The alumnus also told us what inspired him to write the book, after being approached by a large accounting firm to providing personal and professional development to a group of client CEOs: 

“I realised that fundamentally we all had the same kind of issues: they were nearly all about relationships with people. That took me on a journey, with colleagues, to develop a process that was codified, repeatable and using neuro-friendly learning methodologies to take individuals on a journey to become Transpersonal Leaders.”

John explained that his publishing process was probably a bit different from the norm:

“In hindsight, because we were so passionate, our organisation (LeaderShape Global), had become more of a research business that got funded by delivering programmes. As a result, our Transpersonal Leadership programme had been accredited to master’s degree level.”

Routledge, a global academic publisher, was interested in publishing the book to be used as a textbook for universities and business schools. John explained that it took many months to agree the content, key markets and a contract, whilst also writing and producing a draft chapter at a time.

One top tip from John includes: “keep to the schedule, which will lead to a stronger trusting relationship with the publisher”.

John hopes to go forward with Routledge to translate the book into various languages, as well as produce an audio version. He also has ideas for his next book, focusing more on case studies and the application of transpersonal leadership in action.

John graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering in 1969.

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