1 May 2020

Alumnus publishes analysis on Covid-19

Pingyuan Edward Lu has published a number of articles on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, some of which have been featured on Euronews.

The alumnus is the Director of Public Health at HSVG Mission, and is also offering his advice to the media in Taiwan, where he is originally from, and Guam, where he is currently based.

Pingyuan said:

“Because the COVID-19 pandemic is becoming a global issue and it is likely the world may have similar challenges in the future, we are thinking of developing a public health network with experts and organisations in different regions to better respond to public health issues together.”

The alumnus graduated with a Master’s degree in International Management in 2002.

Read Pingyuan’s articles featured on Euronews: The EU should learn lessons from Germany’s coronavirus protocols so life can return to normal, and Trump should be more confident in the US’ Coronavirus response. An EU travel ban won’t help.

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