13 May 2020

Alumnus offers free coaching sessions through global crisis

Robert Yeo, Executive Coach and former Chief Operating Officer at Morgan Stanley, has partnered with a group of fellow coaches to offer free sessions to help leaders during the pandemic.

The group of coaches are offering complimentary 'pitstops' to support leaders during this difficult time.

Robert, who graduated from Loughborough with a degree in Engineering Physics in 1995, is one of six coaches putting aside time over the next two months to offer free one-to-one sessions for those who require support and guidance. Between them, the coaches will offer 120 hours of their time.

The free appointments aim to help leaders to focus, reflect and approach each situation in a calm manner.

With more than 20 years of experience in finance, alumnus Robert aims to help his clients with critical thinking, to develop leadership capabilities and enhance impact and influence.

During his career, Robert has worked at Morgan Stanley in New York and London as Managing Director and held the role of Chief Operating Officer. He has built and led teams throughout his career, whilst delivering improvements in financial performance.

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