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11 Feb 2020

Alumnus helps to set cyclists on track to victory

Sam Pendred has helped in the development of a new track bike for Team GB at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, through his role as an engineer at Hope Technology.

The new HB.T track bike has been created with aerodynamism in mind, integrating both the bike and rider into the design. The radical frame structure is thought to make the bike 2-3% more aerodynamically efficient, which in a race could be the difference between silver and gold.

The alumnus, who graduated in Sports Technology in 2018, has worked in the manufacturing engineering and mould tooling of the bike.

While Hope Technology has focused on the frame and wheels of the bike, the company has collaborated with companies Lotus and Renishaw, who have made the forks, cockpit and the 3D titanium components.

The bike is now available to buy through retailers, starting at around £15,000.

Find out more about the HB.T bike.

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