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10 Jul 2020

Alumna shortlisted for Sovereign Asian Art Prize 2020

Nicola Anthony has been named as a finalist for the Sovereign Asian Art Prize 2020 for her piece: Poetry Net (I).

Poetry Net (I) is a poem cut out from recycled translucent plastic film, letter by letter, turning it into lace-like structures of text which appears as a fishing net. Itaims to reflect on the experiences of migrants and asylum seekers, particularly drawing on the stories of over 100 asylum seekers in Ireland interviewed by the alumna.

Nicola volunteers her time to run art workshops and classes for migrants in the ‘Direct Provision’ system and works with various campaign groups.


The award was launched in 2003 to increase the exposure of artists in the region, whilst raising funds for programmes that support disadvantaged children using expressive arts. The Prize is now recognised as the most established and prestigious annual award in Asia-Pacific.

The alumna also has art studios in Dublin and Singapore, which she says enables her to create cross-cultural work.

The winner will be announced on 17 July.

Read a Q&A about Nicola’s artwork.

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