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John, Rebecca, Sally-Ann Hibberd

12 Mar 2019

Three Loughborough graduates support a student scholarship

The Hibberd family are made up of three Loughborough graduates, Sally-Ann, John and Rebecca Hibberd. They are passionate about Loughborough and do everything they can to support their University and its students.

In September 2019, a new student will come to Loughborough, supported by a charitable donation from the family.

Ensuring that someone from the next generation can enjoy the same full and rounded Loughborough experience, the “Hibberd Family Development Trust Scholarship” will provide a female student in a STEM subject with £3,000 per year for three years.

Sally-Ann (née Sage) graduated in 1981 with a degree in Civil Engineering. Given her background in the subject, she is devoted to supporting women in STEM subjects, and particularly in engineering. The alumna is also a valued member of the University’s Council.

Her husband John studied Geography & P.E. and graduated in the same year, and most recently their daughter Rebecca gained a degree in Industrial Design and Technology in 2018.

The generosity of this Loughborough family helps to ensure that the University can continue to grow and fulfil its ambitions, one of which is to support students from all backgrounds and to help high-achieving young people to realise their potential.

Thank you to the Hibberds for their kind and generous donation.

Find out more about the scholarship programme online.

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