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11 Apr 2019

Sarah hopes first book will be the root of writing success

Alumna Sarah Spencer (née Elliott) has taken inspiration from nature to write her first book.

Sarah graduated in 1993 with a BA in Modern European Studies but in 2015 was confined to her bed and a wheelchair with a rare chronic illness.

Inspired by resilience and problem-solving through recovery, Sarah’s book “Think Like a Tree” will be released on 1 May.

Sarah explores these natural principles through examples of the evolution of trees from around the world over billions of years, the book aiming to aid personal development and promote the idea that, much like trees, we are unique.

Sarah said, “I noted the patterns that I saw around me in the woods and applied them in my life to recover from chronic illness and to improve my overall wellbeing.

“By mimicking the ways nature is healthy and resilient I was able to heal myself and become happier and more fulfilled in the process.

“I now share the principles with other people so they can use them and associated tools to put them into action, whatever their circumstances.”

Sarah, who met her husband at Loughborough, also runs courses named “Think Like a Tree” which teaches the same principles to people of all ages.

We wish Sarah the best of luck on the release of her book. You can find out how to purchase a copy from 1 May online.

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