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1 Oct 2019

Alumnus wins prestigious design award

Sam Hemming has won a Red Dot Award for his final year project Makerblocks, a game combining technology based gaming and physical creativity, aimed at young children.

Makerblocks is a virtual city building game played on a tablet device, requiring players to physically make things using a traditional-style construction kit. The blocks have in-built technology that sends information to the app so it can then be used in the game to “transport physical creations into the virtual world”.

The Makerblocks concept was inspired by research into a decline in the number of students pursuing a career in creative industries.

This is not the first time that the project has been recognised, having won a RSA Design Award in 2016.

Sam graduated from Loughborough in 2016 with a degree in Industrial Design and Technology.

Congratulations to Sam on his achievements.

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