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16 Sep 2019

Alumna launches refillable skincare products

Anna Chatburn, based in Sydney, Australia, has recently launched a new business focused on making quality skincare products available in refillable bottles.

Azur Pure Skincare focuses on natural, organic products packaged in refillable glass and aluminium bottles, using locally sourced stockists in Bondi Beach, Sydney.

Using her experience in marketing and innovation, Anna began researching and designing her products in 2018, before bringing them to market this year. She is currently focused on delivering a wash and a moisturiser.

The wash and moisturiser are designed for multi-purpose use so that less bottles are required, resulting in clutter-free bathrooms and a reduction in the use of packaging. Following the purchase of refills, the packaging can be returned to Azur stockists and customers can receive a 10% discount on their next purchase.

Sparking from an initial idea to create appealing bulk-buy toiletries, Anna is keen to continue to build her idea to create a store with visually appealing refilling tanks and dispensers, to take her eco-friendly vision one step further.

Anna graduated from Loughborough with a degree in Social Sciences in 2006.

Find out more about Azur Pure Skincare online.

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