30 Oct 2018

Rahul bakes to victory on hit TV show

Since August this year alumnus Dr Rahul Mandal has graced Britain’s television screens on the hit show, Great British Bake Off, and on 30 October he was crowned the winner of the 2018 series.

Competing in the final, Rahul presented mango crème pâtissière filled doughnuts, and spiced orange ring doughnuts. His pitta bread earned him second place in the final technical challenge of the series. 

The last challenge saw Rahul making two types of cake, creating an edible rock garden featuring orange and cardamom flavours. The landscape challenge got off to a rocky start with glass shattering across his bench, but Rahul overcame the stress to create his final Bake Off masterpiece, which the judges thoroughly enjoyed.

Throughout the series he created a range of show-stopping bakes to wow Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith, who awarded him the star baker title twice, in weeks 2 and 3. 

Upon awarding Rahul the 2018 Great British Bake Off title, Paul Hollywood said:

"He's one of those characters that you'll miss. His intensity sometimes is amazing and he's so good at what he does. I don't think he realises, still, how good he actually is and I think that's what's magic about Rahul."

The alumnus was quick to call his parents who congratulated him on his win from the other side of the world. 

The Bake Off winner found his passion for baking when he moved to the UK from Kolkata for his studies, aged 23. He graduated from Loughborough with a PhD in Optical Engineering in 2015.

Congratulations to Rahul on his performance throughout the series!