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16 May 2018

Hazlerigg Rutland alumni meet for annual dinner and reunion

On Saturday 5 May 2018, alumnus Jack Needham held the annual Hazlerigg Rutland alumni weekend and high table dinner.

Over 50 alumni were in attendance at the events over the weekend, which included sports activities, a punch party and the high table dinner.

The dinner, always a highlight of the weekend, took place in the original Hazlerigg Building, in the Jennings Council Chambers. Guests enjoyed a two-course meal and the opportunity to meet with fellow hall alumni.

Many of the alumni in attendance lived in the original Hazlerigg and Rutland Halls on campus. The 1937 buildings were converted from student accommodation in 2008, when the new Hazlerigg Rutland Hall was built as part of the Student Village accommodation.

Following the success of another Hall Reunion, organiser Jack said:

“It was great to have so many alumni back this year who lived in the old buildings. With almost every decade represented since the 1950s, a number of dinner attendees were asked to share an anecdote from their memories of hall life. It wasn’t surprising to hear the hall rivalries have been forever persistent, even if it was Hazlerigg versus Rutland on a number of occasions!”

Jack graduated in 2015 with a BSc in Human Biology and is currently studying for an MSc in Sport Management. Alongside his studies, he is a very active member of student committees and the Hazlerigg Rutland Hall, for which he proudly organises reunions.

If you are interested in attending similar events in the future, please keep your details up-to-date online.

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