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16 Oct 2018

Alumnus promotes volunteering importance at Start-Up Lab launch

Andrew Fisher has promoted the benefits of alumni volunteering during a visit to the University.

Andrew, who is Executive Chairman of music identifying app, Shazam, returned to campus to launch the Start-Up Lab - a co-working space for student businesses, supported by Santander Universities. The exciting new initiative completes the Loughborough Enterprise Network which launched 12 months ago, providing space for students, graduates and the business community to connect, share ideas and access support and training. 

During his visit Andrew also met current MBA students for a Q&A session about his experience in starting his own business, and the challenges current students face in the business world. Having volunteered and returned to campus several times in recent years, Andrew spoke of how giving back to Loughborough is of mutual benefit:

“It’s not about giving. I found that I would be giving back to a student and it’s very much a value exchange, and it’s hugely beneficial to you. You become the recipient.

“After speaking to a group of MBA students, I’ve come away with such a different perspective, and I have also found it incredibly motivational.

“I would encourage alumni to get involved in any way they can – it’s highly rewarding and very beneficial.”

Andrew, who graduated with a B.Sc. in Economics in 1991, also sits on the board of Marks & Spencer’s, Merlin Attractions and Moneysupermarket. His son has begun his first year at Loughborough this year.

Before the Start-Up Launch, he was keen to stress the benefits of giving back to the University and how the student and alumni communities complement each other:

“First and foremost it [volunteering] is an opportunity to understand how students today think about the world. It’s really impressive to see the experiences they’ve already had in their lives and how they think about the future.

“It’s tremendously important for alumni to connect with the student community. The lens that young students have is very different from what I grew up with; it gives a fresh perspective and it certainly challenges your own thinking.”

Andrew also spoke of how his experiences at University have and continue to influence his work today, after spending time as Royce Hall’s Chairman whilst a student:

“There’s so much on offer to students at Loughborough, it’s quite incredible. The community spirit is incredible as well, and that encourages you to take advantage of what’s on offer.

“My current role as a Chairman allows me to draw a line to something of the things I learned for the very first time at Loughborough, such as working with and leading within a team.

“There is no better family than the Loughborough family, and I am as proud of it now as I was when I was here.”

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