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9 Nov 2018

Alumnus creates ski holiday comparison website

Connor Miller has created a ski holiday comparison website after turning his frustration into creativity. 

Skidealcomparison.com launched on 2 November and filters holidays based on the type of trip the customer wants, from budget holidays to family friendly trips and Apres Ski destinations.

The website offers ‘deal cards’, which shows the resort’s price, accommodation information, individual extras and user reviews.

Connor has been skiing from a young age and typically goes on skiing holidays twice or three times a year. The idea for the website was sparked out of frustration, after a recent experience of booking a holiday left him annoyed at the lack of clarity across ski holiday websites. He said:

“About this time last year, I realised that the booking process of a skiing holiday was severely disjointed and painstaking. I was sitting at my desk, trawling through vast amounts of information on skiing.

“I got fed up pretty quickly. I thought, ‘why can’t all of this be pulled into a user-friendly tool?’”

Connor has recruited a close friend, Gerard, to help run the website. Whilst improving the website, they blog about their skiing experiences. He has also mentioned how the Loughborough mindset inspired him to take on the challenge:

“VC Bob [Vice-Chancellor Robert Allison] spoke about the ‘hidden wiring’ at my graduation ceremony, your network of influencers that help you achieve.

“Naturally, graduating as an engineer from Loughborough, a desire to fix things runs in my blood. We have a raft of new features we want to bring to the skiing user - stay tuned.”

Connor graduated in 2017 with a M.Eng. in Systems Engineering. You can find out more about the new website online.

We wish Connor and Gerard the best of luck in their new venture.


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