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29 Aug 2018

Alumna Sarah jets off on a prestigious research residency

Alumna and artist Sarah Cunningham (Fine Art 2015) is venturing to Panama as part of a prestigious research trip with the organisation La Wayaka Current.

The artist will depart in September to live and work in the Guna Yala province. The province is on Panama’s east coast and is unique in that it is governed by the Gunas, South America’s first politically autonomous indigenous group.

During the three-week cultural exchange, Sarah will deliver a range of workshops and biography sessions to the local community, who in return will teach about threats to their habitat, natural resources and ecosystems.

The trip aims to inspire a series of large-scale paintings and collages to display in a solo exhibition in Nottingham next year.

Following her trip, Sarah will also deliver a range of thematic artist talks and workshops based on her experiences.

Find out more about Sarah's crowdfunding or visit her website.  

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