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2 Feb 2017

Loughborough University mascot, Thor, returns

Many Loughborough alumni will be familiar with the University mascot Thor, dating back to 1958. Nearly 60 years later on 1st February 2017, Thor has made a comeback thanks to Loughborough Sport.

Thor was a metal helmet designed by the students of Hazlerigg-Rutland Hall in the late 1950s, mirroring the helmet section of the University Crest. Creating inter-hall rivalry between Cayley and Hazlerigg-Rutland, the halls fought over the mascot, and it became a significant part of student life.  

Following years’ worth of journeys between Loughborough, Derby College and various parts of the Loughborough University campus, the mascot went missing during the early 1990s.

With Thor’s whereabouts unknown, Loughborough Sport decided to bring the mascot back to life. The official launch took place on “DDay”, where Loughborough met sporting rivals, Durham in a range of fixtures.

In the run up to launch, Loughborough Sport shared a new video charting the history of Thor and speculating on the whereabouts of the original helmet.

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