17 Oct 2017

Alumnus’ work exhibited at The Jewish Museum

The Jewish Museum, London, will be launching a new exhibition this month, ‘Designs On Britain’ to share the work of Jewish émigré designers.

Alumnus, Tom Karen will have a range of his works shown at the museum as part of an exhibition to share 20th century designs.

Tom came to the UK in 1942 having fled German occupied Czechoslovakia in 1939. He began to study Aeronautical Engineering at Loughborough shortly after, before moving to London to pursue further study in Industrial Design.

The alumnus was the Chief Designer and Managing Director of Ogle Design from 1962 to 1999. Works designed by Ogle include the Aircruiser, an efficient passenger aircraft, and the Floating City, designed to keep people safe during natural disasters.

Many of his works are nationally and internationally recognisable. Pieces such as the Raleigh Chopper bicycle, the Marble Run and Reliant Scimitar GTE car are all famous design works of Tom Karen and will feature in the exhibition. A range of sketches and other works will also be available to view.

The aim of the exhibition is to celebrate and display the Jewish knowledge of modernism brought to Britain from Continental Europe and will show how design was transformed in Britain.

Tom Karen graduated from Loughborough University in 1945. The University also recognised him for his design work with an Honorary Doctorate in 2001.

The ‘Designs On Britain’ exhibition will be open from 19 October 2017 until 15 April 2018. Find out more online.