8 Dec 2016

Alumnus launches a campaign in line with twin brother’s heart surgery

David Stretton-Downes, Loughborough University Product Design Alumnus, has recently launched the campaign 'six times open' alongside his twin brother Jonathan, raising awareness of the British Heart Foundation and Jonathan’s heart condition, aortic stenosis.

The brothers launched their campaign to raise £100,000 for the charity in November at the National Gallery in London.

Jonathan Stretton-Downes was diagnosed with the heart condition as a child, undergoing his first operation when he was just ten years old.

The twins are working to give something back and raise awareness. They will be documenting their twelve month campaign journey and Jonathan’s sixth heart operation in a 60-minute film. The brothers are hoping to get national TV and broadcast coverage of the documentary. Another Loughborough alumnus, Jonny Townsend, will be working on the documentary as the Executive Producer.

The documentary will feature David alongside his twin Jonathan on his road to recovery. It will showcase the physical and emotional strains of the heart surgery for Jonathan as well as twin, David.

Jonathan will also be releasing a book on 'How to survive heart surgery', co-written by David.

The twelve month campaign will conclude in November 2017. The year will see alumnus David taking part in a range of events alongside fellow alumnus and friend, Ross Edgley – well known for his jaw-dropping personal sporting challenges.

We expect to see a fantastic year of campaigning from the brothers with the help of fellow alumni and students by way of sports, events and a Rag raid.