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Independent Reunions

Many of our alumni wish to organise their own reunions and meet up with classmates back on campus. Independent reunions give alumni the opportunity to reconnect with university friends on the Loughborough campus or beyond.

The Alumni Relations team can offer support to those wishing to arrange an event, depending on the size and nature of the reunion. To begin planning your event, take a look at the steps below. Feel free to get in contact with us for more information on alumni@lboro.ac.uk where one of the team will be happy to help you.


To find out more about open days, events and visiting the University, please see the Coronavirus FAQs.


“It’s great to meet once more with those you spent a key time of life with, and also see how our much loved campus has grown and matured.”

– Graham Lund, Product Engineering and Management, 1976. 

Getting started

Organising a reunion can be a rewarding and exciting experience for both you and your old friends and former classmates. In order to organise a successful reunion, we recommend that you start planning at least three months in advance.

The Alumni Relations team can help to facilitate your visit to the University. We will also be happy to advise you on suitable dates and in planning activities for your reunion. We work with you on an advisory basis and can provide additional help where required.

Who to invite

Consider who you would like to meet up with and when. Do you want to catch up with friends? Maybe you want to meet some new people and network? Or maybe you would like to show your family where you studied several years ago. 

You may be interested in reuniting with all graduates from the 1990 Sports Science cohort for example. Alternatively, you may be looking to celebrate an anniversary of your graduation. We can support you by helping you contact some of your fellow alumni using our alumni database.

We can search for alumni using the following criteria:

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Year of Graduation
  • Subject of study
  • Halls of Residence*

Please ensure that we have plenty of time to conduct the necessary research and to communicate with your group. We recommend allowing us several weeks to do this; and perhaps longer during busy times such as Graduation.

(NB: Our data on halls is limited)



We are able to contact fellow alumni on your behalf via group email twice and through a series of social media posts. We are also able to contact a maximum of 25 alumni via post to share your upcoming event. To do this, the reunion organiser will need to supply an invitation and a contact email address so that we can send out the details to fellow alumni. 

If we are supporting your event, we will also be happy to advertise it on our website as well as sharing the success of the reunion online afterwards too.

Whilst we will do our best to contact alumni on your behalf, unfortunately we do not have up-to-date contact details for all of our alumni. To help us to keep our records up-to-date, alumni can complete the alumni update form online to stay connected with the University. 

Due to data protection, we will not share contact details with reunion organisers without prior permission of the alumni. 

How to start organising the event

Creating booking forms for people to join the reunion will enable you to gather contact details and any other requirements with ease. Whilst this may not be necessary for a smaller reunion, you may want to consider it for something of a slightly larger scale.

Depending on the type of your event, and how many people you would like to attend your reunion, putting all the details of your event on a social media platform or webpage will enable us to point guests in the direction of all details of the reunion. This is very useful when communicating with alumni via email on your behalf.

Planning the day

Nearer the time, you might be looking to plan a schedule for the day. Consider how long it will take for people to travel to Loughborough, whether there needs to be time for hotel check-ins and any other travel arrangements to campus that need to be considered.

Self-guided tours are popular during reunions. This gives you the chance to reminisce and to see how buildings have changed. We have a campus map available in the resources below, or you can collect a copy from the Hazlerigg Building when you arrive.

Lunch and dinner are great opportunities to try out new food outlets on campus. Consider any dietary requirements when looking for places to eat to make sure everyone is catered for and feels comfortable ahead of the visit.

Bookings and accommodation

Events such as the arrival of our new students at the beginning of term, Graduations and University Open days are very busy times on campus. There are a range of dates that we recommend avoiding as we cannot always guarantee being able to support your reunion due to large scale University events.

Weekdays may be preferable for you as the majority of University buildings are accessible and members of staff are available too. Many university buildings are closed at the weekend and university staff do not work as standard at the weekend. 

Accommodation may be an important factor to consider when planning your reunion. There are a number of places to stay overnight at Burleigh Court, The Lodge or The Link Hotel, all University linked accommodation, as well as places to eat or stay in town. You can find out more by visiting the Love Loughborough website or the Go Leciestershire website, which have information about Loughborough’s heritage and advice on where to stay and things to do in and around Loughborough. 

Let us know who is coming

Gaining an idea of who is attending your reunion enables us to provide support for your group. We can also ensure that security is aware of extra visitors being on campus. If possible it would be helpful if you could share names of who will attend your reunion with us. These details will be kept confidential in line with our data protection policy

We would be delighted to hear more about your reunion event. If you took photographs on the day, we would be very happy to share them on social media and on our website. Sharing photos may even help you to connect with more former classmates who you were unable to contact.

We ask that reunion organisers share our online alumni update form with reunion attendees to help everyone to stay connected with the University. 

Contact us

To contact the Alumni Relations team, simply email alumni@lboro.ac.uk and we’ll be back in touch as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.


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