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Oliver Sidwell

President, Alumni Advisory Board

BSc Geography & Business Management, 2007

Oliver first joined the Alumni Advisory Board in 2016 and became a very proactive member, supporting campaigns and sharing Loughborough Family stories. Oliver is Co-Founder of "RateMyPlacement” where he employs over 10 Loughborough graduates. Now President of the Alumni Association, Oliver discusses how he can apply his skills and achievements to his new role on the AAB.

Having completed a placement as part of my degree course, myself and three friends spotted an information gap for second year students looking for work experience. We all found it difficult to initially learn and discover which companies were offering placements, once we'd found those companies, we then found the process of learning about relevant roles and deciphering which roles would suit us; our peers all had similar struggles.

Upon returning the university in third year, we all decided to put together a business plan for RateMyPlacement to help inspire students following in our footsteps take the first step in their career. We won the LU Business Plan competition in March 2007 and the £1.5k first prize was invested into building our website. 12 years on, RMP Enterprise now has a range of websites, publications, campus services and software solutions to help inspire students consider work experience. We're all still best friends and run two businesses together in London, employing over 100 people between both businesses. 

Having spent the last 12 years in the early careers market, I am an expert in:

  • Understanding millennials and Gen Z - Through RMP's products we have 15 million interactions with 16-24 years olds each year, I attend numerous conferences and i've done two presentations on 'the student audience' in the past six months.
  • Careers and placement services - RMP's products support careers and placement staff on a daily basis and I've built long-term relationships with four networks supporting student employability, including AGCAS, ASET and PlaceNet. This network and understanding of their role is increasingly imperative as employment and destination data is given greater weighting across the university.
  • Employers - I speak to and advise the biggest student recruiters on a daily basis to understand the candidates they're looking to attract and engage with, to be their next pipeline of talent. i've recently launched 'The Early Careers Podcast' too which provides universities and employers with the latest insights and discussions around early careers strategies, therefore I'm constantly challenging myself and expanding my knowledge in student employability.

During my time on the Alumni Advisory Board I have had first hand account of everything the Association has been working towards. I've observed and championed a lot of successes and seen plenty of the challenges we're often up against. 

My passion for Loughborough combined with my market knowledge and understanding of the University makes me confident we can develop a successful alumni network. 

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