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Dana Nassif

BSc Communication and Media Studies, 2009/PhD Social Sciences (Media), 2014

Dana discusses how she will use her position on the Alumni Advisory Board to inspire and support current students seeking a career in the media industry.

The years I spent at Loughborough University were among the most impactful and enjoyable years of my life. I have since enjoyed keeping in contact with members of staff, returning on visits, and giving back to the student community whenever I could. I am now keen to elevate that by becoming a member of the advisory board dedicated to supporting university, and its student communities and initiatives.

From my experience of working in different media organisations and roles, I have gained key skills that I would be able to transfer into the role of an Alumni Advisory Board member, both in terms of responsibilities within the committee as well as towards the university, its students and events. Working as an insights and analytics manager, being analytical, self-motivated, organised and a clear communicator are essential. However, understanding current market trends, new tools and having the willingness to continuously learn and upskill are just as important. As part of my role on the Advisory board, I envisage myself supporting and mentoring students who are embarking on similar careers on how to arm themselves with the right skills and tools required for entering the job market. This would take the form of one to one mentoring, helping arrange work experiences, or organising departmental or university talks that bring industry leaders or experience in front of aspiring students. Being originally from Jordan and speaking Arabic, I feel I could leverage many of the above opportunities and beyond to an international level.

In addition to the above, I would also be keen to help the Advisory Board achieve its wider goals. Being determined, results-oriented, collaborative and always keen to learn new things, I would be open to take part in wider initiatives that help the Advisory Boar achieve its long-standing goals. 

Career history

CNN International Commercial
Intelligence & Analytics Manager (March 2019 - Present)
In my current role, I look after our business intelligence and digital analytics platforms to provide insights on our business operations, market trends and analytics models that underpin sales and revenue strategy. As part of my role I work with various internal stakeholders including sales, strategy, digital innovation and senior management teams.
CNN international Commercial
Senior Audience Insight Manager (February 2018 - February 2019)
I managed research accounts for premium commercial clients, owned the data and insight elements of briefs for the EMEA market and revenue streams, and worked with senior stakeholders to deliver actionable insights. I also supervised projects with research agencies from design and development to execution and analysis.

Alaraby Television Network
Market Researcher - Digital and TV (December 2014 - January 2018)
Conducted regular analysis of social media platforms and website to track and report on traffic trends, audience growth and engagement. This included analysing digital campaign data to increase advertising effectiveness, and understanding as well as assisting with TV viewership and programme performance analysis. The role varied from introducing regular analysis and media monitoring reports, to developing TV content and optimising programme schedules on air.

Human Digital @ M&C Saatchi
Freelance Analyst ( October 2017- November 17)
Lead Arabic analyst on a project analysing online media markets in the Middle East and potential business opportunities in the region. As part of the role, I conducted thorough desk research to understand the current opportunity and competition, used social listening tools to collect data on different audience groups, and ran queries using a crowdsourcing tool. I assisted in writing up the final report presented to client.

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