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Niyati graduated from Loughborough in 2016 with a M.Sc. in Marketing and Management. Here Niyati looks back on her career, and how Loughborough played a part in her success.

I have been in marketing for the past seven years and have had the opportunity to explore different industries, such as consulting, travel, retail and most recently, music. I have also held various roles within marketing, ranging from sales to digital marketing to advertising.

The diversity in my journey has broadened my learning and helped me to develop the courage to take on roles and responsibilities. 

In my current role as a Campaign Strategist in JIoSaavn (India's largest music streaming company), I'm responsible for laying down long-term strategies resulting in the platform's growth. I am also responsible for accomplishing short-term goals. This role has allowed me to look beyond the obvious and pay attention to tiny details that can change the future of an organisation.

As a child, I was always taught to stick to one goal, identify a path and follow it persistently. Over the years, my journey has taught me that’s not entirely true.

You do need a firm goal to enable to you make decisions about career progression. However, you can’t let the ultimate goal overrule – you need to break the big goal into smaller, more achievable ones. My journey from a telecom operator to Senior Manager - Strategy is a result of firm vision with the ability to adapt to unfamiliar circumstances swiftly.

Reflecting on my career journey I would say learning + practice = growth, and you can only inspire people to achieve goals. By force, they merely complete tasks.

I can split my 7 years in 'before and after' Loughborough very effortlessly.

My vision has always been clear, and I was always willing to put in the efforts to achieve them. However, I lacked the tools and techniques to invest the energy in the right places with the right mindset.

Loughborough taught me those techniques and provided the right tools to do smart work. The masters' course in Marketing and Management did teach me a lot, but what stands out is how that one year taught me the skill to look at challenges as opportunities.

The interaction with professors, students from diverse backgrounds, case studies, coursework etc. are just a few mentions out of the long list of contributors responsible for the shift in the mindset.

One of the things I cherish a lot in life is diversity, and India is all about it. The endless possibilities in the growing economy top the list of reasons I love India.

Applying the lesson Loughborough taught me here – every challenge can be turned into an opportunity. In one of the fastest-growing economies, the number of challenges is endless so are the opportunities.

The 'Unicorns' [a start-up business whose value is considered to be over $1 billion] are all eyeing on India to expand, where else would you rather be right now if not homeland.

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