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Alumni Advisory Board Elections 2019

This year there are seven positions available on the Alumni Advisory Board. Alumni are now invited to vote for who they believe will best represent the Alumni Association. New members will sit on Board for a term of three years, starting on 1 September 2019.

What is the Alumni Advisory Board?

The Alumni Advisory Board is made up of 15 representatives from our graduate community around the world.

Board members work to help the University to improve the services which are provided to all members of the wider alumni community. The Board aims to:

  • Create an informed body of advocates for the University.
  • Facilitate networking and professional development opportunities for our alumni.
  • Take responsibility for sustaining lifelong relationship and communication with the worldwide alumni community.
  • Celebrate, with the University, the achievements of our alumni and seek to inspire the next generation of Loughborough graduates.
  • Support the current student population and promote access to careers advice, support and mentoring.
  • Aid and actively support the University engagement and fundraising activities.

Meet the current members of the Alumni Advisory Board.

Four key areas of work

The University has four key strands of work which Board members support:

Advocates: Ensure that alumni represent the Loughborough community in a positive manner and are strong advocates for everything that the University does and stands for. Our alumni are great advocates of the University both in the UK and Internationally.

Experts: Developing relationships with alumni, who are experts in their area of work to provide professional networking opportunities, give guest lectures, offer advice, share knowledge and mentor students and fellow alumni.

Employers: Work with alumni to provide student placements, internships and support graduate employability as well as working with alumni on guest lectures and talks.

Donors and Sponsors: This is predominantly managed by the Philanthropy team. Through engaging with alumni and building strong relationships they may become donors of the University in the future.

A message from the President of the Alumni Association

Dr. Paul Drummond, Alumni Association President. Dr. Paul Drummond, Alumni Association President.

"The Alumni Advisory Board is looking to recruit seven new members. We are looking to welcome members who have a wealth of skills and experience and great passion for Loughborough University to join the Board.

We are actively working to extend our outreach and are looking at ways in which we can bring our alumni together wherever they are living and working across the globe.

We aim to be a world class Alumni Association that supports and enhances a world class University and Students' Union. 

Candidates will be willing to give time to support the Alumni Association and the University through volunteering and by sharing their expertise, skills and network.

Good luck to our shortlisted applicants in the election."

Voting for new Board members:

Voting is now open to alumni. Profiles of our shortlisted candidates are available online for voters to read.

Voting will close at 4pm on 26 August 2019.

Role description

Role: Alumni Advisory Board Member for the Loughborough University Alumni Association

Job Purpose:

To work with the University and President of the Alumni Advisory Board to deliver the aims of the Alumni Association.

Applicants shall:

  • Be former undergraduate or postgraduate students of the University, having studied at Loughborough University or Loughborough University London for 3 months or more.
  • Shall hold office for a term of three years from 1 September 2019 until 31 August 2022.


Board members typically:

  • Contribute advice and ideas to quarterly Alumni Advisory Board meetings, attending a minimum of two meetings per year in person or online
  • Are an advocate for the University and share stories with your peers
  • Attend alumni events local to you as a representative of the Board
  • Contribute new ideas for volunteering, events, fundraising and other activities
  • Keep in touch with international alumni groups through social media, or in person
  • Build a relationship with the University’s Engagement team, who will help you to progress your ideas


Other ways Board members contribute:

Depending on how much time you can give, there are a series of other activities that Board members can get involved in. You could:

Encourage peers to reconnect:

  • Refer stories of your peers to the Engagement team for us to feature online
  • Share links to update forms

Involve fellow alumni in:

  • Events - encourage them to attend
  • Advocacy – encourage people to follow the Alumni Association on social media and to share their stories
  • Volunteering - recommend people who would be suitable for volunteering opportunities - e.g. guest lectures and mentoring
  • Donating - share donor stories with your networks, let them know about opportunities to give through the annual telephone campaign or to funds such as scholarships

Get involved with mentoring:

  • Join Lboro Connect and mentor a current student or fellow alumni

Facilitate independent reunions and events

  • Meet with alumni from your hall, course or society

Share your stories
Engage with social media posts from the Alumni Association and the University
Attend Graduation Days and be part of the procession

You could also:

  • Contribute to guest lectures/panels/talks and other volunteering opportunities as appropriate
  • Donate to the University philanthropically
  • Offer employment opportunities to our students and graduates
  • Get involved with an international group on your travels/ in your country – attend and support their events, share stories, encourage other alumni to get involved

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