Danielle Sharpe

BSc Social Psychology, 2010

Danielle Sharpe

With a career starting within the City of London Police focusing on curating intelligence, Danielle has since moved on develop a career within the banking sector. She is now the Head of Strategic Initiatives and Business Management, Transaction Banking at Standard Chartered Bank (SCB).

In addition to her professional roles, Danielle has taken to extra-curricular activities along the way and has been an active member of Diversity and Inclusion committees.  

Last year she trained as a NeuroLeadership Institute Coach and offers coaching as part of an internal programme within SCB. She believes that this training puts her in a unique position to work with her networks to support students and graduates. 

Diversity and Inclusion is a huge passion for Danielle, so looking at ways to promote this and provide a platform for opportunity is an area of focus. In addition, she would like to explore different engagement channels, how we can improve Loughborough's global identityand how we can facilitate greater showcasing of alumni networks and opportunities. 

Danielle started her three-year term on the AAB in 2021.